Joy Behar Warns Kamala Harris To ‘Be Careful’ Not To Outshine Pence Too Much: ‘They Get Very Upset’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar warned Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris to be careful going into Wednesday evening’s debate.

During a segment of ABC’s “The View,” Behar said that Harris was much smarter than Vice President Pence and said that she should try not to outshine him too much. “They get very upset,” she said.  (RELATED: Trump Campaign Trolls Kamala Harris With Promised Debate Guest)


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment by asking her cohosts what they expected to see at the debate, which is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“So you think that Kamala has to be careful tonight, Joy? Is that what you said?” she asked.

“Well, she — only because she’s so smart and so much smarter than him, you know, you can’t have a woman look so much smarter than a man out there,” Behar replied. “They get very upset.”

Behar went on to say that, should Harris go all out, the Fox News recap would call her “shrill” or “aggressive.”

“Pence has to defend the indefensible,” Behar continued, adding, “The economy is toast. The pandemic response is a horror. Trump is a tax cheat who mocks the military. I think she should just lean over the plexiglass and say, heck of a job, brownnose.” (RELATED: ‘Typhoid Marys Of The 21st Century’: Joy Behar Advises Kamala Harris To ‘Hose [Pence] Down With Insecticide’ Before Debate)

Behar added one more analogy for good measure, saying, “Like let’s say Madam Curie, she’s on a date with a guy. She goes, ‘Look, I’m discovering radium. What about you, what are you doing today?’ This is the issue Kamala is facing with Pence, all right? She has to be very careful.”

Pence and Harris will be separated by plexiglass dividers throughout the debate after multiple White House staffers — including President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump — tested positive for the coronavirus in the last week.