‘Limp And Lame’: Nicolle Wallace Says Mike Pence Was ‘Flaccid’ In VP Debate

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said that Vice President Mike Pence came off as “flaccid” in Wednesday evening’s debate.

Wallace joined Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid for a post-debate recap, and she made it clear that she was not impressed by Pence’s performance. (RELATED: Nicolle Wallace Calls Laura Ingraham And John Yoo ‘Chickensh*t’ During Live Broadcast)


“The only time that these debates have mattered are when the presidential candidate has stumbled dramatically,” Wallace began. “Vice President’s Cheney’s performance really mattered in 2004 because Bush bombed so badly. Vice President Biden’s performance I would say mattered in 2012 because President Obama didn’t seem that interested.”

Wallace went on to say that, particularly after the first presidential debate last week, the vice presidential debate “could have mattered.” She also argued that it probably didn’t matter, claiming that President Donald Trump had already lost the female vote.

“The problem tonight is that Mike Pence appeared flaccid and anemic and that will hurt him with men,” Wallace continued. “The only time he came to life is when he prosecuted Senator Harris for not answering his question and he hadn’t yet responded in full to a single question from the moderator.”

Maddow agreed, saying that Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ responses had been “devastating” to Pence. She went on to accuse Pence of attempting to “steamroll” both Harris and moderator Susan Page, adding that he had come off as “condescending and unappealing and as you say, flaccid.”

Wallace referenced the president’s recent battle with coronavirus and noted that voters might be thinking about what could happen if Trump were to relapse and Pence took over. “He just looked limp and lame,” she said.