This Doggie Doorbell Means No More Scratching At The Door When Your Pup Wants To Go Out!

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While hearing those little scratches on the door when little Fido needs to go out are cute, those unsightly, oftentimes permanent, marks are anything but. Until they learn to stand up and turn the doorknob, there’s another handy invention that’s changing the way dogs are communicating with their humans when nature calls.

Say hello to the Doggie Doorbell by Pebble Smart! This game-changing device allows your dogs to let you know when they need to go outside or come back inside by pushing a little button just like people do. The secret to this bell-ringing magic is the gadget’s built-in treat retrieval system that helps train your dog to push the button while enjoying a stimulating activity at the same time.

Before you write off the Doggie Doorbell because you don’t want another complicated gadget to install, think again. Unlike the doorbells you’re used to using, this little guy doesn’t have any wires to connect or screws to drill. Simply stick the bell onto your chosen surface with the included adhesive tape, and the battery-fueled gadget is ready to go!

Whether the dog uses the bell to let you know it needs to go outside or to let you know it’s ready to come back in, the Doggie Doorbell is a great way to show your dog positive reinforcement instead of yelling at them when they scratch up the door or bark. You can even use two bells, both inside and outside, giving the dog ample opportunity to earn treats getting in and out of the house.

Right now, you can snag the Pebble Smart® Doggie Doorbell for just $25.99, which is 13% off its regular price.

Price subject to change.

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