Lost Elephant Seal Gets Rescued From Middle Of City Street

(YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: Guardian News)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A large elephant seal found himself far from the water and wandering down the middle of a city street in Puerto Cisnes, Chile, before being rescued.

In a wild video shared by the Guardian News in post on Wednesday, we see the two-ton pinniped lumbering through the streets surrounded by groups of people. (RELATED: Orlando Police Officer Pulls Over Daughter For Speeding And It’s Definitely A Can’t-Miss)

At one point in the clip, the authorities appeared to manage to get the animal turned around with the use of large black tarps that coaxed and guided the seal back to the water amid a host of cheers and claps from bystanders. (RELATED: Jimmy Fallon Invites Alex Rodriguez To Spicy Wings Eating Contest From Home And It’s Can’t-Miss)

Check it out!

Speaking to the Argentinian publication Infobae, a local resident talked about his reaction when he and his son first spotted the animal wandering through the neighborhood, per the New York Post.

“I was a bit startled to begin with, but because they move slowly, I calmed down and told my son to film it,” Antonia shared.

Local reports said that it took a total of 50 people and several hours to finally return the water beast back into the water, a mere 10 blocks from the city center were he had wound up.

Chilean Navy Sgt. José Muñoz, said that the seal is now “safe and sound” and he thanked “the community for the great support.”

“We’ll be carrying out constant patrols so that [the animal] doesn’t come back and to avoid any accidents,” he added.