Wild Video Shows Record-Setting 18-Foot, 9-Inch Python Caught In Florida

(YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: NBC2 News)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Two hunters in Florida came across the find of a lifetime when the two wrestled up a massive Burmese python that has set a new record in the state.

The giant snake, which measured 18-feet, 9 1/4-inches, was found in the Everglades, and is the largest one ever found in the state, per The Palm Beach Post in a piece published Thursday. (RELATED: Orlando Police Officer Pulls Over Daughter For Speeding And It’s Definitely A Can’t-Miss)

That beats the previous record set in 2013. That python measured 18-feet, 8-inches, per the outlet.

Video connected to the find shows just how insanely large this snake was before the hunters snagged it out of the water. The video contains profanity.

Check it out!

“She’s wet, she’s anchored around a tree, it’s probably the worst case scenario for a python that big,” Ausburn said. “I’m a pretty strong dude, but this thing is insane strong.”

At one point in the clip, it appeared that the snake had tried to wrap its entire body around one of the guys before the two manage to get it free.


Ausburn, part of the district’s python elimination program, and Pavlidis, a licensed python hunter with the state, found the monster snake last Friday, but didn’t find out that they broke the record until Thursday when officials used Zoom to do the measurement.