Jump, The 3-In-1 Jumpstarter, Vaccuum And Power Bank Is Just $99!

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Whether you’re an Uber driver, a carpool queen, or a road trip enthusiast, being prepared while on the road is always a big deal. But instead of spending a fortune on different gadgets for your car that are complicated and confusing to use, why not get one easy thing that does it all?

Meet Jumpi, the only multi-functional car tool you’ll ever need. From juicing up your phone to cleaning up messes, this 3-in-1 car vacuum, jumpstarter, and powerbank can turn around a bad situation in more ways than one. In other words, it’s like having a helping hand at your beck and call no matter how far away from home you are.

Likely its most impressive feature, the Jumpi can jumpstart a car without requiring you to link up to another vehicle. Whether you’re in a parking garage or the middle of nowhere, Jumpi provides you with up to 10 jumps per charge, capable of jumping any truck or car cable completely independently. It even comes with jump starter cables and a USB-C charger.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Jumpi also serves as a portable vacuum, perfect for picking up those annoying crumbs that manage to get into every nook and cranny of your car. In fact, it can suck up 99.9% of allergens and particles that are typically naked to the human eye. And since it’s half as loud as traditional hand vacuums, you can use it at full-speed without waking up snoozing passengers. Plus, emptying it out is a total breeze.

Lastly, Jumpi serves as one of the most important car accessories we could ask for: a power bank. No matter how long you’ve been on the road or where you are, this little guy can juice up your iPhone, Android, tablet, or whatever else uses a USB charger.

With high ratings on Nerd Techy, Gadgets.com, and more, it’s clear this tool is a must-have for anyone who drives a car.

Right now, the incredible Jumpi is just $99.99, over 30% off its orginal price!

Price subject to change.

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