Pro-Trump Celebrity Kaya Jones Says Social Media Censorship Is Getting Worse

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Pro-Trump Celebrity and recording artist Kaya Jones sat down with the Daily Caller to discuss the vice presidential debate and her view that censorship of conservatives online is only getting worse.

Jones explained to White House Correspondent Anders Hagstrom how she came to be a Trump supporter even as a celebrity, which tend to be among the most liberal groups in the country. Since coming out as a Trump supporter, Jones says her fans continuously send her evidence that Instagram and other social media platforms are reducing her reach and lowering her engagement counts.

Jones also says she has witnessed her view and engagement counts on specific posts go down overtime even as they should be accumulating more views. (RELATED: White House Docs Clear Trump To Resume Normal Activities This Weekend, Barring Complications)

With regard to the Wednesday debate, Jones argued Vice President Mike Pence delivered exactly the calm demeanor she says Trump’s campaign needs. She argued that Pence’s stability offers a “yin-yang” balance to Trump’s often erratic and aggressive tone.

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