Ben Sasse Accuses Biden Of Refusing To Address The ‘Suicide Bombing Of Two Branches Of Government’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse said Sunday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was refusing to address the “suicide bombing of two branches of government.”

Pointing to Biden’s refusal to answer questions about whether he’d support packing the Supreme Court or ending the Senate filibuster, Sasse told “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace that both of those issues could affect fundamental changes to the balance of power. (RELATED: ‘This Is A Simple Question’: Jake Tapper Pushes Biden Campaign For An Answer On Court Packing)


“What do you make of Joe Biden’s refusal to answer the question, if elected, will you change the number of justices on the court, and do you think he can continue to hold out to that non-answer for the next three weeks?” Wallace asked.

“It’s grotesque that Vice President Biden won’t answer that really basic question,” Sasse replied, adding, “And it isn’t just one branch of government, what they’re really talking about — or refusing to talk about — is the suicide bombing of two branches of government.”

Sasse went on to note that, in addition to evading questions about packing the Supreme Court, Biden had not definitively stated whether or not he would support an end to the Senate filibuster. (RELATED: ‘Unconstitutional Slop’: Pelosi Blasts Trump Executive Orders On Coronavirus Relief)

“What they’re talking about is blowing up the deliberative structure of the United States Senate by abolishing the filibuster and making it possible to turn the Senate into just another House of Representatives,” Sasse continued. “And they’re doing that to pack the Supreme Court.”

A passing train interrupted the interview then, prompting Wallace to briefly cut the Nebraska Senator’s microphone while he went on to the next question.

“I apologize to you, Chris, we live right next to a Union Pacific mainline and you’re about to hear America working as a big train is about to come by,” Sasse explained, laughing.