Lindsey Graham: ‘The Parade Of Horribles’ That Will Come If Democrats Win ‘Is Unbelievable’

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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham listed a “parade of horribles” that he says would likely happen if Democrats win the presidency, the U.S. Senate, and retain control of the House of Representatives.

Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Graham during a “Sunday Morning Futures” appearance about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden consistently refusing to answer a question about whether Democrats would pack the Supreme Court with ideological allies if he is elected.

Graham argued that the measure “changes America as we know it.”


“If we lose the House, the Senate and the White House, they’re going to change the rules of the Senate, Maria, so you only need a majority,” said Graham. “Anything coming out of the House goes to the Senate. They’re going to expand the court from nine to whatever number they need to make it liberal. They’re going to abolish the Electoral College which means New York and California pick our president. They’re gonna change America.”

In arguing the importance of the upcoming election, Graham called a liberal Supreme Court “a nightmare for business” and “for social policy.”

“If they win, it’s not going to be about a health care debate,” he argued. “They’re going to structurally change the country so it’ll be hard for a Republican to get elected president. They’re going to make D.C. a state, altering the balance of power in the House and the Senate. The parade of horribles that come if we lose the House, the Senate and the White House is unbelievable.” (RELATED: Marco Rubio: Joe Biden Would Likely ‘Prefer Not’ To Pack Court If He Wins, But He ‘Has No Choice’)

After knocking the proposal in 2019, Biden has consistently declined to specify his current position on court-packing. On Friday, he said that voters “don’t deserve” to know his position until after the election.