FLASHBACK: Watch This Royal Marine With Degenerative Parkinson’s Disease Have His World Changed Forever

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Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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A viral 2018 video shows a retired British Royal Marine suffering from degenerative Parkinson’s disease appearing to have his life changed after receiving deep brain stimulator (DBS) treatment.

The video shows a man sitting in a chair suffering from tremors apparently due to Parkinson’s disease, which affects the body’s nervous system. The man is asked to do tasks – touch his nose, pick up a glass to drink out of – but is unable to accomplish them.

As the video progresses, a woman announces that she will turn stimulators on and they will try the task again. The man’s loved ones look on, visibly worried and upset at his condition.

After turning a device on, the retired British Royal Marine’s life changes. He is able to touch his nose and the woman’s finger repeatedly with substantially less tremors and easily picks up a glass of water and drinks it.


“Ahh. That’s it. That feels good,” he says as his loved ones smile and laugh. (RELATED: Jesse Jackson Announces That He Has Parkinson’s Disease)

The retired Marine, overcome with emotion, tears up upon being able to accomplish the tasks – as do the others in the room. Two females in the room call the change “amazing.”

“That deserves a round of applause,” the man says as he laughs.

“He’s back,” one woman whispers.

DBS is sometimes used to treat certain neurological disorders. With this treatment, electrodes connected to a stimulator are placed inside the brain. Electric pulses are used to control brain activity, and while this is not a cure for Parkinson’s, it can be “life-changing” for some, a Global News article previously reported.