‘Will You Please Like Me?’: Trump Asks Suburban Women To Support Him, And Megyn Kelly Says It Just Might Work

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Donald Trump made a direct plea Tuesday to suburban women during his Pennsylvania rally, and Megyn Kelly said it just might turn out to be effective.

The president spoke in Johnstown, and he took a moment to address the polls that show he has lost support among suburban women. (RELATED: Trump Approval Among Women Crashes: 63 Percent Now Disapprove Of Him)


“So I ask you to do me a favor. Suburban women: will you please like me? Please. Please. I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?” Trump asked in a sarcastic tone. “The other thing: I don’t have that much time to be that nice. You know, I can do it, but I gotta go quickly. We don’t have time. They want me to be politically correct.”

Megyn Kelly was quick to respond, arguing that Trump’s tone and willingness to poke fun at himself might be what ultimately made a difference with that particular demographic. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Flames Joy Behar For Defending Blackface: ‘It Was An Homage’)

“‘Please, please like me’ is actually a pretty fun, funny, and self-deprecating way of connecting. This is why so many ppl forgive Trump his jagged edges – he can laugh at himself,” she tweeted.

St. Louis-based radio host — and suburban mother — Annie Frey agreed, adding, “I laughed. Signed,
Suburban woman.”