Dinosaur Skeleton Sells For $3.5 Million In Paris Auction

(Credit: Shutterstock Geoff Hardy)

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A dinosaur skeleton sold for an absurd amount of money during a Paris house auction.

The Allosaurus skeleton went for roughly $3.5 million Tuesday, according to Reuters. The dinosaur skeleton was dug up in Wyoming three years ago, the outlet reported. An unidentified foreign buyer took the skeleton for far more than the asking price of one million euros.

“This is a high grade specimen,” paleontologist and consultant Iacopo Briano told the outlet.

This skeleton is 70% complete, according to Reuters. The bones were also found already aligned with each other making it pretty easy to reconnect. The skeleton is 11 feet high and roughly 32 feet long, according to Reuters. (RELATED: Australian Man Broke Into Museum To Take Selfies With A Dinosaur Skeleton)

There are also teeth marks on the ribcage. Experts believe the marks could have come from an attack by a predator or another Allosaurus skeleton.

I love this skeleton being sold at auction, but $3.5 million is a ton of money. Also, where does someone put a dinosaur skeleton this big? 11 feet tall is big, but 32 feet long is huge. I guess you could have a room specifically for it.

It’d be kind of cool for it to just be in the first room you walk into in a huge house. How amazing would it be to just walk into a home and a dinosaur be the first thing you see?