Josh Hawley ‘Hypothetically’ Asks Amy Coney Barrett About Hunter Biden

(CSPAN screengrab)

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Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley used a series of “hypotheticals” to ask Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett about Hunter Biden during Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings.

While the New York Post’s report alleging that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son met with a top executive of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma in 2015 – possibly contradicting Biden’s insistence that he “had never spoken to [his] son about his overseas business dealings” – was met with censorship all over social media Wednesday, that didn’t stop Hawley from “hypothetically” bringing it up.


“I think it’s only fair that I ask whether hypothetically speaking, just hypothetically, if there were let’s say a vice president of the United States who hypothetically had an adult son who hypothetically worked for a foreign oligarch who then sold access to his father the vice president, and his father then intervened in a case to make sure that oligarch wasn’t prosecuted, hypothetically, would that violate, would that constitute the kind of foreign corruption that the Constitution’s concerned about?” Hawley asked.

“I can’t answer hypotheticals,” Barrett quickly responded. (RELATED: Josh Hawley Takes Aim At Facebook For ‘Actively Censoring’ Hunter Biden Email Story)

“Well, I thought you might say that, and I’m glad you don’t, and won’t, because who knows, that case might come before you, but uh, I think it’s a fair set of questions to ask,” Hawley said before moving on.

The Biden campaign vehemently disputes the New York Post’s report, denying in a Wednesday statement that such a meeting took place.