Nevada County Offering To Pay Citizens $20 To Get A Coronavirus Test

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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A county in Nevada is offering to write a $20 check to people who get a coronavirus test.

Elko County, Nevada will give the checks t0 the first 100 participants in a weekly coronavirus testing event, which will be held on Fridays, the county said in a Wednesday press release according to The Hill.

“Participation helps the County to meet its testing goals for our recovery plan while at the same time promoting shopping locally,” the announcement said according to the report. Nevada has seen a recent rise in cases, and the state’s coronavirus response director Caleb Cage announced Monday that he had tested positive for the virus. (RELATED: Big Tech Censors Content That Counters The WHO, Despite It Repeatedly Flip-Flopping On Its Guidance)

“For a period of time, we were having a hard time meeting the testing criteria,” said Personnel Director for Elko County Amanda Osborne, according to The Hill. “So this is an effort to continue to help us meet that directive as well as encourage people to participate in screenings especially as we work to support the school district in their plans to reopen schools and we go into cold and flu season.”

The state’s department of health recently ordered nursing homes to stop using two types of rapid tests after it was found that they delivered a false positive result, the New York Times reported. Out of 39 total tests that were reported to be positive by the rapid test, 23 of them were actually found to be negative by a lab test. (RELATED: Nevada Governor Bars Anti-Malaria Drugs For Outpatient Coronavirus Treatment)

A 25-year-old Nevada man became the first person in the United States to contract coronavirus twice, a Monday study published in Lancet found. The second virus was “genetically distinct” from the first, and there were multiple negative tests done before the man tested positive. The second infection had worse symptoms than the first, the study said.