‘You’re Gonna Have A Problem’: Top New York State Judge Reportedly Seen On Video Shoving Police Officer

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A New York State Supreme Court judge reportedly shoved a cop during a street brawl in July, body camera footage obtained by a local news outlet showed.

New York Supreme Court Justice Mark Grisanti approached a uniformed police officer from behind and pushed him with both hands while the cop attempted to handcuff his wife, according to footage obtained by ABC 7. Grisanti and his spouse were cuffed and placed in a patrol car, but neither faced charges, the local outlet reported.

The judge, who was shirtless, yelled, “You better get off my fucking wife” after shoving the officer, the footage showed.

Law enforcement responded to the Buffalo, New York, area after Grisanti, his wife and their neighbors were engaged in a street fight in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, ABC 7 reported. The outlet did not

Cops on the scene declined to charge the judge or his wife because Grisanti didn’t tackle or punch any of the officers, according to the local outlet. The shirtless justice also yelled, “If you don’t get the cuffs off her right now, you’re gonna have a problem” after law enforcement put the woman in a patrol car, the footage showed.

Grisanti repeatedly told officers that his brother-in-law and daughter were police officers, and the judge invoked his relationship with the local mayor, according to ABC 7. Officer Richard Hy, who was on scene, reportedly lashed out at Grisanti.

“You wanna drop another copper’s name? You want to scream about [how] you know Gramaglia or the mayor? Why don’t you shut the f— up,” Hy said, according to the local outlet. “You want to say I know all these coppers, I know all these things? You want to make us look dirty? Is that what you want to do?”

Hy put Grisanti in cuffs following the rant, the local outlet reported. Grisanti appeared to admit to shoving the officer while he sat in a police cruiser. (RELATED: Federal Court Blocks Cuomo, De Blasio From Restricting Outdoor Worship After They Condoned Protests)

“I pushed him and I said, ‘Don’t friggin tackle her’ and I pushed him,” Grisanti said, according to the footage. “I apologized to him, Mark, right after that because I said, ‘Listen, I respect you guys in law enforcement,’ you know I go, ‘My daughter’s a police officer, my son in law’s a police officer, all my family’s police officers.’”

One of the neighbors involved in the scuffle was reportedly contacted by the New York State Committee on Judicial Conduct, which has the power to discipline and remove justices, according to ABC 7.

A spokesperson for the New York state judiciary is reviewing Grisanti’s conduct.

“We are aware of the Judge’s conduct as is the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, who is looking into the incident,” New York state unified court system spokesman Lucian Chalfen told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement.

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