Improve Your Golf Swing With This Breakthrough System, Now A Whopping 40% Off!

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When you’re working on your swing, you only have one point of view. You can’t see your leg positioning, posture, or anything else but the ball down below and the view ahead. So if you don’t have another person with you to analyze what you’re doing, can you ever really improve?

If you’re serious about improving your swing, this revolutionary training system known as Caddie View is about to change the game forever. For the first time, you can fine-tune every inch of your body on the green without the help of anyone else! Created for golfers, by golfers, this patented system allows you to record your swing and see exactly where you go wrong, all on your own smart device.

The way the Caddie View system works is easy. Simply download the accompanying app, and record yourself on your smartphone or tablet using the included tripod. Then, with a handy remote, you’ll be able to record or photograph your swing without ever getting out of position.

Once you’ve captured some footage, the Caddie View app’s advanced system lets you analyze your every move, finding out exactly what you need to improve on. You can even set up lines for you to reference as you practice. Since the Caddie View stick can extend up to 36 inches, you can get yourself at every angle.

Since you can save your videos on the app, it’s easy to monitor your improvement as you go. You can even get advice from friends and golf instructors thanks to the footage you’ll have on hand. There’s also a convenient compare option on the app that allows you to view swings side by side for a more in-depth analysis.

Right now, the Caddie View Gold Swing Analyzer is a whopping 40% off, making it just $59.99 down from $100.


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