Airport Authorities Reportedly Catch Man Smuggling Gold In His A** In India

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Authorities arrested a man traveling to Southern India from Dubai after finding nearly a kilogram of gold smuggled in his butt.

The GoAir flight landed at Kerala’s Kannur Airport on Tuesday, according to the New York Post. The man attempted to get away with not paying the 18% tax by smuggling the gold in, The National News reported.

The Air Intelligence Unit officials reportedly dug the gold out of the person’s butt.

Authorities also caught a man trying to smuggle in 1.47kg of gold, but it is not clear how he concealed it. (RELATED: Man’s Plane Returns To Gate After Security Finds 2 Pounds Of Smuggled Cocaine In His Bags)

The smuggling attempt into India was the seventh this week, the outlet reported.

This is wild. I’ve heard of tons of things being smuggled into airports, but this is particularly wild. Those pieces of gold did not look like they would be comfortable shoved straight up your a**. However, I guess it sometimes works.

Sucks that this guy got caught. He literally went through all that pain for nothing. I mean, it had to hurt right? Sticking all that gold all the way up there?

Apparently attempting to evade the tax is what makes illegal smuggling of gold profitable, but this seems like it really wasn’t worth it.