Coca-Cola Announces End To Its First Diet Drink, Tab, After Making It For More Than 50 Years

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Coca-Cola announced that it will no longer be producing Tab after making the fizzy drink for more than 50 years.

The company shared that it will retire Tab diet soda and other “underperforming products” by the end of 2020, per Fox Business News in a piece published Friday. (RELATED: Woman Drilled In Groin By Seltzer Can In Painful Video)

Coca-Cola started producing Tab in 1963, opting to use saccharine as an alternative sweetener. It has slowly reducing production over the years. The piece noted that the diet soda has been struggling up against other Coke products, including Diet Coke.

As recently as 2017, Coca-Cola‘s first diet drink accounted for less than 0.03% of Coca-Cola’s sales, per the outlet.

According to the report:

Other national brands getting the boot include ZICO coconut water, Odwalla, Coca-Cola Life, Diet Coke Feisty Cherry and Sprite Lymonade. Coke said it was also cutting some regional products, including Northern Neck Ginger Ale and Delaware Punch, as well as international offerings like Vegitabeta in Japan and Kuat in Brazil.

“Tab did its job,” Kerri Kopp, Coca-Cola’s Diet Coke group director shared in a written statement. “In order to continue to innovate and give consumers the choices they want today, we have to make decisions like this one as part of our portfolio rationalization work.”