EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What Trump And Republicans Can Do About Twitter Censorship

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Republicans across the government are furious at Twitter and Facebook for seemingly censoring a New York Post article that made corruption allegations against Vice President Joe Biden this week, and we sat down with Trump campaign Senior Advisor Steve Cortez to learn what they plan to do.

Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee plan to vote to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack dorsey over his platform’s decision to ban links to the Post stories on Wednesday and Thursay. Cortez says President Donald Trump’s administration is also looking into what executive action it can take in the meantime.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai also announced his agency would release new rules to “clarify” the meaning of Section 230, the portion of law that governs social media platforms. (RELATED: White House Docs Clear Trump To Resume Normal Activities This Weekend, Barring Complications)

Cortez says he hopes reporters will ask Biden about the allegations, which say the Democratic nominee was both aware of and participated in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas, something he had earlier denied.

Trump may have to wait until the October 22 debate to question Biden himself, however.


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