Master Excel With This Massive Course Bundle, Now Deeply Discounted To Just $40 Bucks

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Aside from a desk chair with good back support, knowing your way around Microsoft Excel has become a must, no matter what industry you work in. From its data analyzation tools to its formulas and shortcuts, these data-based programs increase productivity, save you valuable time, and can significantly improve the caliber of work you produce.

Whether you’re looking to get a raise down the line or want to vamp up that resumé of yours, taking the time to become an Excel whiz is always in your best interest. But instead of reading long tutorials and confusing content online, this Complete Excel Excellence Bundle lets you learn everything in on place, complete with hundreds of easy-to-follow lesson plans, nearly 50 hours of informative content, and so much more.

Whether you’ve worked in Excel before or break out in hives upon looking at an empty spreadsheet, all of the courses in this bundle are designed for all experience levels. From its Excel Beginner Course to its Excel Advanced course — and everything in between — you’ll master office essentials, like functions and formulas for data entry, advanced formatting tools, and game-changing financial functions.

To prove this bundle truly is for everybody, there’s even an entire course dedicated to mastering Excel on a Mac, with a whopping five hours of content that cover all the essentials, helping to make you more productive as you work.

You’ll also have the opportunity to dive deep into advanced Excel procedures and programs, including Excel automation tools and secrets as well as advanced financial functions. There’s even an eight-hour video course that teaches you how to get the most out of Excel’s financial tools, including high-level consolidation, analysis, and information reports.

While an e-learning bundle this extensive normally runs for nearly $650 bucks, you can snag all eight Excel courses for just $40 bucks — a whopping 93% off its regular price!

Price subject to change.

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