‘The Tide Is Turning’: Jesse Watters Describes The ‘Week That Changed The Race’

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Fox News host Jesse Watters described why he believes “the tide is turning” in the 2020 presidential race after what he called a solid week for President Donald Trump.

“The tide is turning,” Watters declared to begin Saturday night’s “Watters’ World” after Trump had just finished wrapping up a campaign rally in Wisconsin. “This was the week that changed the race. President Trump is on course for reelection just if he can maintain this momentum.”


The Fox News host began with a history lesson from 2016, describing how a “similar series of events,” helped Trump in the last presidential race.

“Four years later, here we are again,” said Watters. “The same dynamic is happening. The confluence of events is redirecting the campaign in Trump’s favor and he’s taking advantage of it.”

Watters described Trump’s recovery from coronavirus and return to the campaign trail, Vice President Mike Pence’s debate performance against Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, controversies surround the cancellation of the second presidential debate, and how Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, “sailed through the hearings,” while Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been dogged by questions about whether he would pack the court.

The Fox News host ended by discussing allegations from the New York Post’s blockbuster story on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the ensuing social media censorship “backfiring and making the story bigger.” (RELATED: Lindsey Graham: ‘The Parade Of Horribles’ That Will Come If Democrats Win ‘Is Unbelievable’)

“[This election] is turning into a repeat of 2016,” Watters concluded. “Trump’s running against a rigged system that’s protecting corrupt politicians. Trump’s the underdog all over again. Powerful interests aligned against him, but he’s fighting on the side of the people. And when you have the people on your side, you are unbeatable. We’re on the verge of another comeback, that’s gonna shake the world.”

Biden has led by double digits in most October polling, with the current Real Clear Politics average standing at 8.9 points. However, support for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee is growing, and some polling shows the race tightening in battleground states like Michigan and Wisconsin.