‘The Only Time He Gets News’: Ronna McDaniel Blasts Ben Sasse For Trump Criticism

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Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel ripped Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse’s recent criticism of President Donald Trump as “not surprising” during a Sunday media appearance.

Sasse last week slammed Trump on several issues in a phone call to constituents, to which the president responded by calling the Nebraska senator a “liability” who should be replaced as a GOP senate candidate.

After playing a clip of Sasse’s criticism during a Sunday morning interview on “This Week,” ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos asked McDaniel if Republicans “should find a new Senate candidate in Nebraska.”


“First, I will say everything that Ben Sasse said in that recording does not resemble the president that led our country out of this pandemic,” McDaniel responded. “He’s led us to a great economy before this. He’s leading us out of this with 11.4 million jobs, created great new trade deals. He was at the March for Life, the first president to do that.”

McDaniel emphasized her opinion about Trump’s popularity among Republicans and the “respect he has for women” before bringing up Sasse himself.

“Ben’s been there for a long time,” she said. “It’s not surprising, it’s the only time he gets news is when he criticizes the president. But the party and the energy we’re seeing on the ground and the rallies and what we’re seeing for this president is unprecedented in terms of the support he is receiving from Republicans across the country.”

The RNC chairwoman answered a follow-up question from Stephanopoulos by saying that Sasse, who is a virtual lock to win reelection to the Senate, will remain the candidate. (RELATED: ‘The Tide Is Turning’: Jesse Watters Describes The ‘Week That Changed The Race’)

“But you know the president of course is not pleased to see our candidate attacking him and I don’t blame him for saying that,” she said.