Joe Biden Supporter Allegedly Fires Shotgun At Two Republicans Driving By House

(Credit: Bradley Lang)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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A Maryland man has been accused of shooting at two passers-by with a shotgun over the weekend while he was putting up Joe Biden campaign signs in his yard, according to Baltimore County Police reports. 

Douglas Kuhn was tending to a number of Joe Biden yard signs on his property when a truck displaying a large Trump-Pence campaign sign drove by and the driver honked on the horn, according to Baltimore County Police. Kuhn allegedly picked up a shotgun laying nearby and ran to the edge of his property as the truck continued driving away and fired the shotgun at the truck, according to Baltimore County Police and the victims. 

Kuhn was arrested on Sunday and charged with multiple crimes including two felony counts of first-degree assault, per Maryland court records. He is being held without bond. (RELATED: 4 Shot Across New York City In A Little Over An Hour)

One of the victims was Bradley Lang, a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee and Chief of Staff for the Maryland Federation of College Republicans. Lang said his father constructed the Trump sign for the back of their truck in anticipation of a pro-Trump car parade over the weekend. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Lang described the horn-honking as “neighborly” and said neither he nor his father, who was the other victim in the truck, said or did anything threatening or aggressive towards Kuhn as they drove past. 

While neither Lang or his father were hurt, they were close enough to see right down the barrel of the shotgun seconds before Kuhn fired, Lang told the Daily Caller. “It was strange that he had the shotgun right there at his feet,” Lang said. “It was almost like he was waiting for someone to shoot at.”

The two victims escaped without harm to themselves or the truck and called the police. Baltimore County police confirmed to the Daily Caller via email that Kuhn was tending to political campaign signs in his yard at the time of the incident, including Joe Biden signs. Kuhn is set to have a bail hearing Monday afternoon, per local reports