North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper And Joe Biden Reportedly Heard Discussing Getting Cal Cunningham ‘Across The Line’

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Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were reportedly heard discussing dragging U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham “across the [finish] line,” according to the Washington Times.

The two were discussing Cunningham’s prospects of defeating Republican North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis on a tarmac during a North Carolina campaign stop on Sunday, the Washington Times reported.


“Thanks for coming out, you didn’t have to do this,” Biden appeared to tell Cooper in the video.

“No I wanted to, I wanted to say my strong support for you, and I think we’re gonna all get across the line,” Cooper told the former vice president, according to the Washington Times. “I think Cal’s going to get across the line, too.”

Biden responds, but it’s unclear what he says, per the Washington Times.

“I know that’s frustrating, but we’ll get it across,” Cooper added.

Biden stressed the importance of electing Democrats across the ballot at the campaign event, although he failed to specifically name Cunningham, according to the Washington Times.

Though Cunningham’s campaign has been rocked by recent news that the Senate candidate exchanged romantic texts and was intimate with a woman who was not his wife, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee continues to spend millions on the race. (RELATED: Cal Cunningham Refuses To Say If He Had Other Extramarital Affairs When Asked Multiple Times)

The Democrat continues to lead in the polls, but the race has shown signs of tightening of late.