Trump Plans To Do 5 Rallies A Day Leading Up To The Election

Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

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President Donald Trump said on a Monday campaign staff call that he plans on doing 5 rallies a day leading up to the election.

“We are going to win,” the president said, according to New York Post reporter Ebony Bowden. “I wouldn’t have told you that maybe two or three weeks ago.”

“We’re going to win. You’re going to work your assess off,” Trump added. “The only way we can lose this election is if they cheat.”

The president also told his campaign team to ignore negative news.

Trump was forced to take time off from in-person appearances on the campaign trail at the beginning of October when he was diagnosed with coronavirus and hospitalized. A debate originally planned for October 15 was canceled after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the event would be held virtually. Trump said that he would not participate in a virtual event.

Trump’s decision to hold 5 rallies per day comes after Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign decided that the former Vice President would not make any public appearances until after the debate Thursday night. So far in October, Biden has taken six total days off from the campaign trail.

The Biden campaign said that the 3 days off in October were so that the former Vice President could prepare for the debate.

Meanwhile, Eric Trump announced the Trump team’s schedule for Monday and Tuesday, which appeared much busier than Biden’s.

Biden called an early lid a total of 11 days during the month of September, a move that drew criticism from several people, including President Trump. Trump said September 24 on Twitter that Biden is a “low energy individual” who would make a “low energy president.”