Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Says She Attempted Suicide 10 Years After Her Murder

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot DoctorOz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbN2GOQFgLg)

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Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister Tanya Brown revealed she attempted to take her own life 10 years after her sister was found stabbed to death.

Tanya didn’t solely blame her sister’s death as the reason for the suicide attempt during Tuesday’s episode of “Doctor Oz.”


“I attempted a suicide,” Tanya told Dr. Oz.

“I went big,” she continued. “But it wasn’t just from unresolved grief and pain from Nicole, it was numerous other losses. I lost a lot of friends of mine when I was in high school, a couple of best friends right after high school, and then the trigger happened, the cancellation of my wedding and that was a trigger that mentally and emotionally needed for me to go, ‘Wow, you know what? I have so much unresolved pain, grief, even anger.'” (RELATED: 25 Years After Murder Trial, OJ Simpson Opens Up About His Life)

Tanya revealed she had been angry with her sister following the tragic death. In 1994, Nicole and a friend were found stabbed to death. Nicole’s husband OJ Simpson was later acquitted after being charged with murder.

“I had a lot of anger towards Nicole that she had so many opportunities to tell me about what she was going through and she didn’t,” Brown said. “Obviously, when you go into a psych unit, you’re encouraged to feel the pain and the chaos, and that’s what happened to me 10 years later, and thank God I had that trigger happen to me. I am who I am today because of that.”