‘More Like A Vacation’: Dana Perino, Chris Wallace Rip Biden For 4-Day Debate Preparation Campaign Lid

(Fox News/screengrab)

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Fox News anchors Dana Perino and Chris Wallace took a jab at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for calling a four-day campaign lid ahead of Thursday night’s final presidential debate.

Biden’s campaign called the lid, or an end to official campaign appearances, on Monday, purportedly so the former vice president can prepare for the upcoming debate.

Perino and Wallace began the Wednesday afternoon “The Daily Briefing” segment by discussing the state of the presidential race. They also discussed the campaigns’ approaches with Biden running ahead and President Donald Trump attempting to come back from behind.

“The thing that I think is interesting, in the battleground states, things are close,” Perino noted. “Some of them at least. You can see where the candidates are going. For example, President Trump is going to North Carolina tonight again. He really wants to make sure he keeps North Carolina in his column. And then Joe Biden has been invisible.”


After discussing the enthusiasm coming from both campaigns as both a positive and negative factor, Wallace said he found it “surprising” that Biden has spent so much time not campaigning.

“I think they called a lid on Monday morning in the Biden campaign until 9:00 Thursday night in Nashville at the debate,” Wallace said. “I’ve never seen that before and certainly not in the two weeks before the election.” (RELATED: ‘The Tide Is Turning’: Jesse Watters Describes The ‘Week That Changed The Race’)

“I would say a four-day lid is more like a vacation, um, if you’re calling a lid,” Perino remarked.

Biden has taken six-days off in October so far, and his campaign called 11 early lids in September.