‘Turn Off The Damn Twitter Machine’: Greg Gutfeld Criticizes Voters For Worrying More About Trump’s Words Than His Actions

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Wednesday that he was not impressed by those who were “exhausted” by President Donald Trump’s tweets and rhetoric.

During a segment of “The Five,” Gutfeld argued that people who were concerned about Trump’s tweets should ignore Twitter and just look at his actions. (RELATED: ‘Wake Up And Smell The Arson’: Greg Gutfeld Slams Don Lemon For Putting ‘Polls Before People’)


Gutfeld followed Juan Williams, who said that voters were looking for the chance to get back to “normal,” and that they wanted to “get away from the divisive rhetoric that comes from this president and the Twitter tirades.”

Cohost Jesse Watters turned the question to Gutfeld then, who said the problem was people who were more concerned with the president’s tweets than with his actions.

“Everything he just brought up is about words and not deeds. So we are not talking about real exhaustion, we’re not talking about getting up at 4 a.m. to milk a cow or drive a truck across country. This exhaustion that people are complaining about are over tweets. Well God help you, turn off the damn Twitter machine,” Gutfeld said.

“If you are so exhausted by Donald Trump, oh you poor little baby. You know there is going to be a shift. It’s going to be a shift from bad words to bad deeds,” Gutfeld continued, saying that no one could predict how Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden might behave in response to the “woke crowd.”

Gutfeld suggested that Biden would allow them to “drag America away from its capitalist origins into some kind of strange abyss in which we are all faced in this on-going witch trial of oppression. What are we guilty of? That’s gonna be the way the country’s gonna be under Joe because he has no spine at all.”

“Worry about the deeds. Don’t worry about the words,” he concluded.