Jennifer Garner Opens Up About The ’10 Years’ Of Her Life Paparazzi Followed Her Everywhere

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jennifer Garner opened up about the “10 years” of her life that paparazzi followed her every move and the challenges of that with kids and in relationships.

“For 10 years there were at the very least six cars, and often 20, outside of our house, and outside of school and at the pediatrician’s,” the 48-year-old actress shared during an interview with PBS. The comments were noted by the “Today” show in a piece published Wednesday. (RELATED: Ben Affleck Breaks Silence For First Time Since Entering Rehab)

“And you’re begging them, ‘Please step aside from the pediatrician’s door. I have a sick kid, please,'” she added. “It’s the cost of doing business, but it just got to be ridiculous, where they were causing car accidents all the time.”


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Garner continued, “Anywhere that we went, it was a total circus.” (RELATED: Report: Jennifer Garner Says She’s Slowing ‘Things Down’ With New Beau)

The “Peppermint” star even talked about how the paparazzi that followed her family around made it impossible at one point for her daughter to play soccer on a team, due to the commotion.

“It was such a zoo for the families that they just said, ‘Can you please not (play)?'” Garner shared.

At one point, the “Alias” star even opened up about the challenges of maintaining a relationship while being in the public eye.

“I think there’s something about seeing yourselves reflected in news of some kind,” the “Daredevil” star explained. “And whether it’s true or not, if it’s true and you are starting to be serious with someone and (the media) start saying, ‘Well when are they gonna be engaged?’ It’s almost like you just wanna get there so that you can complete that, and then maybe it’ll die down for a second.”

“It becomes almost a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she added, of reading false stories about things like trouble in a marriage.

“For me, you have to find what’s gonna fit in the equation to balance it out,” Jennifer shared of being famous. “I do get to have access into people’s homes and lives, and I do get to meet people I never would have thought. You just have to figure out what’s going to make it OK for you.”

Garner has three children with ex-husband Ben Affleck. The two were married from 2005-2018.