This Powerhouse Of An LED Work Light Is Just $25 For A Limited Time!

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Whether you’re working on something in the garage or fixing a pipe under the sink, a little bit of light can really go a long way. But as you likely have learned over the years, not all light sources are created equal, and setting it up can be more of a hassle than it’s worth.

But after working with the Quirky PowerShell Folding Work Light just once, you’ll never know how you did anything without it. That’s because not only it incredibly easy to use and set up thanks to its foldable design, it boasts six seriously powerful LED lights, giving you crystal clear views at all times. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Unlike other free-standing lights, this must-have gadget features three outlets built right in, perfect for plugging in tools you need to have handy. And with its attached eight-food extension cord, you never have to worry about being close to a wall outlet. Ideal for working outside, in the garage, or other large spaces, this portable light gives you incredible freedom.

Designed to be truly portable, the Quirky PowerShell Folding Work Light is easy to take with you anywhere. From its weatherproof, foldable, clamshell design that lets you adjust its angle, to its integrated handle that allows you to hang it up in between uses, this gadget is one you’ll definitely want in your tool arsenal.

Check out some of the awesome things real users are saying about the light online!

“Well packaged, shipped fast, just as described. Lightweight and so easy to transport and store.”CuppaJoefor2
“Nice item, work great!” – William
“Five stars…My husband says this is a very useful light.” – Pamplico843
For a limited time, the Quirky PowerShell Folding Work Light is 58% off its normal price, making it just $25 bucks!
Price subject to change.
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