CBS’s Lesley Stahl Tells Pence That He And Trump ‘Have Insulted’ Her And ’60 Minutes’ Following Interview

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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CBS News journalist Lesley Stahl told Vice President Mike Pence that he and President Donald Trump “insulted” both “60 Minutes'” and her following their Tuesday interview.

Trump posted Thursday roughly 38 minutes of his “60 Minutes” interview with journalist Lesley Stahl and 14 minutes of the Pence interview – days before its intended Sunday release by the network. Stahl addressed both interviews to Pence afterwards, condemning the duo and saying they “insulted” her and the show, according to the video released by Trump.

“This was supposed to be an interview, and the same with the president. I feel that you both have insulted ’60 Minutes’ and me by not answering any of our questions and by giving set campaign speeches that we have heard both of you give at rallies without answering our questions,” Stahl is heard saying off-camera in the video.

“What question haven’t I answered, what question haven’t I answered right now?” Pence responded.


Stahl said Pence “didn’t answer any” of her questions and “just gave speeches.” Pence again asked for a specific example and Stahl began to respond, giving one example before reverting back to insisting that the two “just kept giving” her “speeches.”

“Well, I asked you about the president calling [Dr. Anthony] Fauci an idiot and I got a speech about the president. I asked you, you know, about mothers … you know, you just kept giving me speeches, and so did he [Trump],” Stahl said before continuing on to note that she believes “people in power are” expected to be “held accountable” and answer questions “from the public.”

“I’m upset,” Stahl concluded.

Pence responded quickly with: “Well, Lesley, I appreciate the speech that you just gave, but I’ve answered all your questions and I’ve spoken about things the American people care about.” (RELATED: CBS Defends Lesley Stahl After Trump Posts Video Of Her Maskless Inside White House)

Pence continued on to say that “the American people want a president who’ll put the health of America first and open up America’s economy,” dubbing Trump as the person for that job. Stahl began to laugh off-camera as he said this, interrupting to say “look what you’re doing right now!”

“You’re giving a speech,” she said.