‘If You Have Proof Bring It Out’: Juan Williams Challenges Jesse Watters Over Alleged Hunter Biden Emails

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor Juan Williams sparred with Jesse Watters over whether or not the emails allegedly taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop implicated Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

During a Thursday segment of “The Five,” Williams made it clear that he did not appear to believe the alleged emails would be a problem for the former vice president — but Watters had a different take on the issue. (RELATED: ‘You’re Talking About Something That Doesn’t Exist’: Juan Williams Denies Violence In New York)


Cohost Dana Perino put the question to Williams first, saying, “Political pros really do love it when a scandal breaks hours before a high stakes event like a debate.”

Williams responded that he hoped President Donald Trump would bring up Hunter Biden, mainly because he felt that most Americans felt some degree of sympathy for him with regard to his struggles with addiction.

“There’s nobody who’s gonna vote against Joe Biden or vote for Donald Trump on the basis of Hunter Biden having a drug problem,” Williams explained.

“It’s not about that,” Watters interjected. “It’s not about Hunter. It’s about Joe.”

Williams went on to argue that the only way for Trump to make an impact on voters was to focus on COVID and the economy, and that he needed to do something to turn the election around.

“Hey, you know what he should say, Juan? He should say, ‘Hey who is the big guy’?” Watters said.

Williams said that while that might be entertaining to Watters, it wasn’t likely to inspire any voters to change their minds.

“Juan, who is the big guy?” Watters asked then. “Who is the big guy?”

“I don’t care who the big guy is!” Williams shot back.

“You don’t care if Joe Biden has taken millions from the Chinese,” Watters pressed. “You don’t care?”

“If you have some proof, bring it out, you’re the big guy,” Williams challenged. “Otherwise, I say, you know what, just wait until you have something.”

Watters pushed back again, saying that Fox News had confirmed that the former vice president was the “big guy” referenced in the emails. (RELATED: Ex-Hunter Biden Business Partner Confirms Authenticity Of Email, Says Bidens ‘Aggressively Leveraged’ Family Name)

“Otherwise you’re just puffing, puffing away,” Williams protested.

“I think you’re the one puffing because your own colleagues confirmed it today,” Watters replied.

“Confirmed what?” Williams asked.

“That he is the big guy, and he is in business with the Chinese,” Watters said, prompting an, “Oh, please,” from Williams.