‘Pistachio’ Puppy With Green Fur Born In Italy

(Credit: Shutterstock/manushot)

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A tiny puppy born in a litter of all-white dogs surprised everyone with all green fur.

Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci immediately named the puppy Pistachio, according to an article published Thursday by Reuters. Pistachio, born Oct. 9, won’t have green fur forever, the outlet reported.

A dog with green fur is rare, but it is believed that the coloring comes from contact with a green pigment called biliverdin while in the mother’s womb, Reuters reported.

Mallocci has chosen to keep Pistachio and raise him on the farm. His job will be to help herd sheep with his mother, Spelacchia. All the other puppies will be given to new homes.

Mallocci believes green is a symbol of hope and good luck. (RELATED: The Obituary This Woman Wrote For Her Dog Is Sure To Make You Cry)

Pistachio is such a cute name for such a cute puppy. I mean, the pictures alone are so cute. I wish he’d stay green forever, but he’ll still be cute all-white too.

He’ll have such a good life, too. I can just picture it now. Pistachio running around chasing sheep in a field. What an amazing life for a puppy.

I hope the other pups get to have as good of a life as him.