Cleaning Windows Is Easy With This Magnetic Tool, Now Over 15% Off!

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Cleaning around the house is never fun, but add windows into the mix, and you’re likely to put it off indefinitely. That’s because not only are many windows hard to reach, but it’s hard to find the right way to polish them without leaving marks and smudges.

Before you drop a chunk of change on professional window cleaners, perhaps this Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner will put an end to your window-cleaning stress. This dual window cleaning tool is just like the kind professionals use to clean both sides of the glass without leaving a single mark. The secret to this gadget’s success? A little bit of magnetizing magic, of course.

Thanks to the tool’s adjustable magnet strength and four squeegee design, it can clean both the exterior and interior glass panes with “force control,” whether they’re glazed or double-glazed windows. And when used along with the included microfiber cleaning cloths that remove impurities as they polish, your windows will sparkle like never before.

Whether they’re in multi-level homes, high up in the bathroom, or in your office, The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner can clean any windows with a few swift moves, negating the need for you to twist and contort to get all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Thanks to this efficient cleaning tool, you’ll spend mere minutes wiping down the windows, making it as easy a task as wiping down the kitchen countertops.

Just see for yourself how this magnetic cleaning tool is changing the way people are cleaning their windows!

“This has been the exact tool I’ve needed to clean my hard to reach windows, I would definitely recommend it.” – Nathan

“I am really pleased with the results! I was able to clean each of the bottom sashes very well, and most of the top sashes too (these had more ‘screen burn’ on them). What a huge difference — for the most part, no more fogginess!” – Sue

“This rocks for my cleaning biz!!” -B.

Change cleaning day forever with the Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner, now just $62.99 — almost 20% off its regular price.

Price subject to change.

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