Never Run Out Of Entertainment Options With This Massive Bundle Featuring Playstation Plus!

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From getting your sweat on to securing your safety on the internet while you work from home, this subscription bundle has stuff for literally everyone in the family. Check out these 12 awesome subscriptions included in this deeply discounted entertainment bundle, saving you hundreds on killer streaming services, VPNs, Playstation Plus, and so much more.

A One-Year Subscription to Playstation Plus

Connect with an entire online community as you enjoy some of Playstation’s classic games, including Star Wars: BattlefrontUncharted, and so much more. With the subscription, you’ll get two free games each month, exclusive discounts and deals, and cloud storage that lets you store saved games and character profiles.

A Lifetime Subscription to Memrise: Language Learning

Using a unique 3-step approach to language learning, this online program keeps you motivated and interested as you go, no matter your experience level. Choose from 22 different languages to become fluent in, with insight from real locals, helping you to understand common phrases in a realistic context. You can even set weekly goals to keep you on track.

A Lifetime Subscription to VPN Unlimited 

This highly-regarded VPN keeps your online activity private, whether you’re working from home on a private network or surfing the web at your local coffee shop. And with access to over 500 VPN servers with locations spread all over the world, you’ll always be protected. Even if you’re streaming content on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now, you’ll never face any regional restrictions.

A One-Year Subscription to History Hit TV

Whether you’re a history buff or simply want to learn more about how the world became what it is today, this streaming service gives you access to an incredible library of history documentaries, interviews, podcasts, movies, and more. Choose from a wide array of categories, including but not limited to the Middle Ages, the Age of Revolution, the Victorian Era, and even the Information Age.

A One-Year Subscription to the Topic Streaming Platform 

If you’ve run out of good stuff to watch on Netflix, this streaming service has a whole new library of movies and shows to choose from! From rare indie gems to critically acclaimed entertainment — and everything in between — these international films and series are sure to keep you busy for a while. Plus, the service features ad-free viewing and is compatible with all major platforms, including Roku, Apple TV, Android, Fire TV, and more.

A One-Year Subscription to the YogaDownload Unlimited Plan

Toting an impressive 4.7/5-star rating on Trustpilot, this game-changing streaming service gives you access to over 1,700 top-rated online yoga and fitness classes via their website, mobile app, and Roku channel. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, you’ll never run out of content since new classes are updated every single week. And since each class is designed to be taken from home, you’ll never have to worry about needing tons of space or any special equipment.

A One-Year Subscription to Kast TV Premium

This unique video sharing app lets you connect with friends and family as you enjoy tons of movies and TV shows on-demand, giving stay-at-home viewing parties a whole new meaning. From its ad-free programming to its webcam sharing capabilities, this app lets you enjoy some of the world’s best entertainment with the people you love.

A Lifetime Subscription to BitMar Elite Streaming

Thanks to this convenient streaming portal, your days of hopping from one app to the other to find content are over. Designed to enhance your searching experience, this unique streaming service serves as a personalized filter, helping to connect you with millions of shows and movies you actually want to watch — and hard-to-find content you’d never get to see otherwise. Plus, it’s compatible with pretty much any device, whether it be a laptop, phone, gaming console, or whatever else.

A One-Year Subscription to the Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service 

Designed to alter the brain’s degree of arousal, this innovative streaming service puts over 20 personalized channels packed with sleep meditations, bedtime stories, calming visuals, and binaural beats at your fingertips, helping you to sleep more soundly than ever. It also helps with relaxation and mental healing since it promotes better sleeping habits. No wonder it boasts a perfect 5-star rating on both Google Play and Apple App Store!

A Lifetime Subscription to Elmedia Player Pro

This full-package media player designed for Mac boasts advanced streaming abilities, letting you enjoy a wide array of video and audio content in HD and with hardware-accelerated decoding. Completely personalize your viewing experience with playlists, full control over playback, and even stream your own files on to Chromecast, Apple TV, and Smart TV. You can also take screenshots of your favorite content as you watch.

A Lifetime Subscription to JustStream PRO Mac Mirror Display App

From streaming content to images, presentations, and software apps, this program lets you mirror your Mac screen right onto your TV with incredible ease. Unlike other mirror systems, this app requires zero wires or hookups and supports a wide range of TV brands and services, like Samsung, LG, Sony, and many more.

A Two-Year Subscription to Relax My Dog Video Streaming

If your dog suffers from anxiety when you leave the house or are stuck at the computer for long chunks out of the day, this app provides music and videos specifically designed to chill out your four-legged family members. Proven to be effective with 87% of dogs, this program has helped millions of canines all over the world thanks to its dynamic, calming content that’s consistently updated.

For a limited time, you can save hundreds on these fantastic subscriptions with The Complete Entertainment Bundle ft. Playstation Plus, now just $199.99 down from over $1,000 bucks!

Price subject to change.

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