34 Of The Best Deals You Won’t Find Anywhere Else This Weekend

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No matter what goods you’re in the market for, whether it be health and wellness products or fun stuff for the cat, scary high price tags can really put a crimp in your plans. But we’ve found 34 exclusive deals sure to give your wallet a break.

MQ Direct KN95 Masks: 25-Pack – $38.99

These FDA and CE Certified face masks feature a five-layer design with a 95% filtration rate against non-oil based particles, bacteria, dust, and more. It even has non-woven fabric, ideal for those who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivity.

Get a pack of 25 here for over 20% off.

Art Block Framed “Say Cheese” by Hidden Moves – $119.95

Designed by Welsh artist Rhys Owens, this classy yet funky art piece would look great in pretty much any room of the house. It even comes in a 2″ deep ash wood frame, ready to mount upon arrival.

Save 20% when you get it here.

SoloQi® 360 Charging Bundle – $169.99

Never get caught without a charge again thanks to these wireless chargers designed for use on the go. Whether you’re sitting in the car or stuck at the office, these powerhouse gadgets provide maximum charging power for any of your wireless devices.

Get them here while supplies last.

VENQUE® Airlight Bag – $109.99

Perfect for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, this weather-safe backpack keeps all your belongings safe and even has a padded compartment for your laptop and a handy doctor’s bag opening for easy access. But don’t worry, just because it’s super safe doesn’t mean it compromises on style.

Get it for 14% off here.

AXIS Gear: Smart Blinds Controller – $199.99

Control your blinds with the tap of a finger on your phone thanks to this advanced software, even if you’re miles away from home. And the best part? It takes just five minutes to install.

Save over 15% when you get it here.

GhostBed® 11″ Memory Foam Cooling Mattress – $766.99

Thanks to its revolutionary build of aerated latex foam, gel memory foam, and a high-density base, this mattress will keep you perfectly cool and cozy no matter the season, all while promoting good spinal alignment.

Get it for 29% off here.

DanForce Bold-S 1080 Lumen Rechargeable Triple Headlamp – $41.99

Perfect for camping, hiking, or fix-it projects in the garage, this rechargeable headlamp delivers a glow strong enough to last for 800 yards and has an impressive 10-hour battery life.

Get it here for an 8% discount.

HCG1 Pro Gaming Headset – $103.99

A must-have headset for any gamer, this gadget offers superior sound quality, comfortability, and fantastic connectivity. It also boasts a detachable microphone for loud or radio silent gaming.

Get it here for 45% off its normal price.

Klean+ Crisp Lavender Hand Sanitizer (1.69 Fl Oz / 6-Pack) – $38.99

Protect your hands from 99.9% of common germs while keeping them moisturized with lavender and other therapeutic essential oils. Plus, they’re travel-sized so you can have a bottle on you wherever you go.

Save 18% on a six-pack here.

BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer – $31.99

Thanks to its revolutionary thermo-pulse technology, this little gadget uses gentle heat and vibration to increase circulation and localize blood flow, literally taking the sting and itch out of pesky mosquito bites.

Get it here for 20% off.

GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera – $149.99

This underwater camera lets you hone in on your fishing technique, allowing you to see exactly what’s going on down there. This thing changes the game!

Save 25% when you get it here.

The Original Moon Lamp™ – $47

This wireless lamp truly sets the mood in any room, giving a soft, moonlit glow like no other lamp out there. Capable of switching from a yellow or white hue, this dimmable, wireless lamp is great for everyone in the family to enjoy — and since it boasts low heat, it’s incredibly safe.

Get it for 12% off here.

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPad 9.7”, Air / Air 2, & Pro (1st Gen) – $35.99

This screen protects your eyes from 90% of harmful blue light given off by digital screens, helping prevent headaches, tired eyes, and general fatigue. And since they’re made from tempered glass and are scratch-resistant, these are made to last.

Get it for just over 20% off here.

AMASS Botanic Hand Sanitizer – $39.99

With a 70% alcohol concentration combined with a unique blend of aloe, cinnamon, allspice, clove, and eucalyptus, this sanitizer ensures your hands will stay moisturized and germ-free.

Get it for 35% off here.

Refresh Memory Foam Pillow – $79

Designed to keep you cool throughout the entire night, this memory foam pillow infused with green tea oil ensures you stay supported, giving your head and neck much-needed relief.

Get it for over 25% off here.

DUKAP Rodez Lightweight Hardside Spinner – $56.99

Featuring 4 silent dual spinner 360° wheels, two inches of expansion, and a durable exterior, this suitcase is sure to become your favorite thing to travel with. It even has ergonomic gel handles for comfortable lifting and pulling.

It’s over 40% off when you buy it here.

SUC-IT Patented Silicone Suction Phone Holder (Black) with Clips (Black) – $9.99

Give your neck and hands a break with this patented suction clip that allows you to go hands-free anytime, anywhere!

It’s 28% off if you get it here.

Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station – $46.95

This three-in-one gadget lets you wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled devices, pump your favorite jams with incredible sound quality, and even displays the time in easy-to-see LED light. Plus, it’s wireless and can function for up to eight hours on its own.

Get it for 20% off here.

Alkemista Bar Bundle: Infusion Vessel & Packets – $79.99

Skip the pricey cocktail bar and channel your inner mixologist at home with these fantastic fruit, herb, and botanical infusions that give life to your everyday alcohol.

Save 20% if you buy it here.

Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set (Gray & Light Gray/Queen) – $45

100% hypoallergenic, this down-like comforter set keeps you cozy and comfortable all night long, no matter the season. And both the comforter and the two included shams are reversible so you can always keep things interesting.

Save over 60% on the set if you get it here.

Photo Backup Stick® Universal – $53.99

Never lose your favorite memories with this backup device that stores your favorite images and videos from all your devices in one easy-to-access spot. It keeps all your files the way they came in from your other devices and it never transfers duplicates.

Save 9% when you get it here.

Artisan Citrus Juicer – $81

A treat for the eyes and the tastebuds, this gorgeous citrus juicer catches every drop of juice from your favorite fruits and traps any seeds or pulp in its strainer. Your cocktails and meals will never be the same with this thing in the mix.

Get it for 10% off here.

Dragon Ball Cat Cave – $32.99

Give your kitty some cozy fun with this super-comfortable cave made of moisture-resistant wool felt and short-haired PV velvet. Foldable and rollable, this cave will provide both you and your furry friend with hours of soft, cozy fun.

Get it for over 20% off here.

Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack w/ Velcro Panel 17.3 – $129.99

Capable of holding most popular models of gaming laptops and consoles, like Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more, this backpack comes equipped with pre-wiring for a power bank or external battery. It even features an external built-in USB ChargePort to juice up your phone or other devices on-the-go.

Get this epic gaming backpack here.

TaoTronics 36″ Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote – $69.99

Toting a 4.8/5 star rating on Amazon, this bladeless oscillating fan provides a cool breeze in three different modes and speeds and nine airflow settings.

Get it for 12% off here.

75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Wipes: 12-Pack – $82.95

Stay germ-free wherever life takes you with these 70% alcohol wipes with aloe. While they’re capable of killing up to 99.99% of germs they come into contact with, they still keep your hands happy and moisturized.

Get a 12 pack for just over 20% off here.

Rose Box™ Premium Jewelry Box & Everlasting Roses – $259

Ditch the store-bought bouquet and gift your honey with this box of roses built to last an entire year! This set of 16 large long-lasting roses doesn’t require much maintenance at all and it adds a touch of class to any room.

Get it here for 25% off its normal price.

TreePod Outdoor Cabana – $209.99

Modeled after the Magis Spun Chair featured in the New York MoMA, this cabana turns any camping excursion or backyard adventure into a relaxing paradise. And setting it up only takes a few minutes.

Save just over 15% when you get it here.

LaSalle Rustic Leather Tote – $120

Ethically made from full-grain leather, this sustainable, sleek bag boasts a rustic style and is incredibly durable. From its comfortable long handles to its organized interior, this bag is a must-have.

Get it here for 39% off its regular price.

Johnny Fly™ Arrow Sunglasses – $108

From their trendy, minimal design and iconic cotton acetate front piece to their wooden arms, these sustainable sunnies are just as stylish as they are comfortable. They even come with wooden packaging that doubles as a storing case.

Get them here for 20% off.

SlimGlow: The World’s First Bidet Attachment Featuring a Night Light – $49.99

The only bidet with an accompanying night light, this ultra-thin cleaning gadget leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy each time you use it. Easy to install and completely customizable thanks to its pressure control dial knobs, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

Get it here for 36% off its regular price.

Go Incognito Outdoor Cap – $34.99

Take your protection up a notch with this outdoor cap that covers your mouth, head, and neck. It effectively blocks out UV light, dust, and other environmental debris, and it’s totally adjustable.

Get yours for 30% off here.

Acu-Ball Vibrating Portable Foot Massager – $29.99

With gentle vibrations and spiky massage balls, this massaging device is a real treat for your tootsies. Great for general pain relief and even heel-bone inflammation, this portable gadget is a godsend for your feet and even your hands!

Save 40% on the massager here.

Coolado Portable Multifunctional ePump – $34.99

Blow up inflatable mattresses, pool rafts, and toys anywhere with this lithium-powered ePump. Capable of inflating a mattress in just two minutes, this dynamic gadget can also be used to strengthen a barbecue fire.

Get it here for 22% off.

Prices subject to change.

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