Chris Wallace Presses Gretchen Whitmer On Biden Business Dealings: ‘It Sure Sounds Like Influence Peddling’

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace pressed Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer about the ongoing questions surrounding the business dealings of members of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s family.

Wallace introduced the topic during a “Fox News Sunday” interview by playing a clip of President Donald Trump saying Biden “owes an explanation to the American people” during Thursday night’s final presidential debate.

“New information is coming out about the Biden family’s business dealings with China,” Wallace said. “Really, two questions, one, does Biden owe more of an explanation to the American people, and wasn’t it a mistake for the vice president to allow all of this to go on, some of it while he was vice president?”


Whitmer responded by insisting that not a “scintilla of evidence” exists to prove “wrongdoing by Joe Biden,” then attempting to switch the topic back to Trump’s coronavirus response.

“Respectfully, I do need to ask — governor, I do need to ask you this though,” Wallace pressed. “There is evidence that maybe that Biden didn’t take money, but clearly his brother, his son were involved in business dealings. There was talk about the Biden name. One, wasn’t that inappropriate for that to be going on while he was vice president? It sure sounds like influence peddling and doesn’t he owe a fuller accounting?”

“You know what, Chris, I think that Joe has sat for questions,” said Whitmer. “He has answered these questions. The American people aren’t going to be distracted from the fact that this election is about the dinner table issues and the dinner table issue of 2020 is a Trump administration that has never been able to have a national strategy on COVID.”

Whitmer continued to talk about COVID response, at which point Wallace moved on. (RELATED: NPR Won’t Cover Hunter Biden Laptop Because They Refuse To ‘Waste’ Their ‘Readers’ Time On Stories That Are Just Pure Distractions’)

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, said during a Thursday media appearance that Biden lied about being involved in his son and brother’s foreign business dealings.