EXCLUSIVE: North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer Talks Biden, Oil, Coronavirus And The Future Of Israel

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Republican North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer explained what Vice President Joe Biden’s oil plans would mean for the U.S. and what Republicans need to do about Section 230 and big tech censorship in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller.

Cramer sat down with White House Correspondent Anders Hagstrom to discuss Biden’s call for transitioning the U.S. away from the oil industry, a move Cramer says would be disastrous for millions of Americans. Cramer has also been a vocal critic of Section 230, the portion of law that grants internet companies immunity from many legal suits.

Cramer argues tech companies like Facebook and Twitter are abusing the law to censor conservatives and face virtually no consequences for doing so. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Sen. McSally Explains How She Plans To Keep John McCain’s Senate Seat)

Cramer also joined with Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and a bipartisan group of senators in calling for the U.S. to maintain its current level of military support for Israel. Cramer discussed whether, with the Trump administration’s recent successes in brokering peace deals for Israel, there is a future in which Israel no longer needs U.S. support.

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