‘You Just Keep On Thinking That’: Pelosi Taunts Trump’s Statement On Winning Back House As ‘Delusional’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taunted President Donald Trump on Sunday for predicting that Republicans could win back the House of Representatives in the upcoming election.

Before asking Pelosi for a response during a Sunday morning “State of the Union” interview, CNN anchor Jake Tapper played a clip of Trump at a campaign rally saying the GOP is “going to win the House.”

“We’ll see, but I think we are going to win the House,” Trump said.

“What is your response?” Tapper asked the speaker.


“You keep thinking that, Mr. President,” Pelosi taunted. “You just keep on thinking that. Just another example of delusional statements he made there.”

Pelosi went on to mock Trump for saying “that we are on the decline with the virus” and that the United States has the “cleanest air and the cleanest water.”

While control of the U.S. Senate could go in either direction depending on how races play out in North Carolina, Maine, Colorado, Montana, and Arizona, most pollsters project Democrats will maintain control of the House and will likely see a net gain of a few seats. (RELATED: POLL: Democratic Sen. Tina Smith’s Lead In Minnesota Drops From 11 Points To A One-Point Dead Heat)

The California Democrat also reaffirmed her intention to run for another term as speaker.