‘Saturday Night Live’ Knocks Ages Of Biden, Trump: ‘Is It Just Me, Or Is That Insane?’

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“Saturday Night Live” poked fun at the ages of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost said the age discrepancy between former President Barack Obama, who is 59 and campaigning for Biden, was “kind of jarring to see.”

“Obama’s presidency seems so long ago,” he said.


“It’s easy to forget he’s 15 years younger than either of the current candidates,” he said.

“You know who else is younger than the current candidates?” Jost asked. “The guys we elected in the years 2000 and 1992.”

Both former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are 74, as is Trump, although the current president is indeed the oldest of the three by less than a month over Bush.

“Is it just me or is that insane?” asked the Weekend Update co-host.

Jost went on to call the election “the equivalent of a baseball team giving a four-year deal to Willie Mays now.” (RELATED: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Thinks ‘Trump Is A Better President Than Obama’)

With a birthday on November 20, the 77-year-old Biden would be a record 78 when he assumes office in January if he wins the election next week.