Maren Morris Reveals She’s Voting For Joe Biden After Growing Up Conservative

(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for ACM)

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Country star Maren Morris revealed she has chosen to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Morris, who grew up in a conservative household, claimed she became passionate about politics after the birth of her son in a video shared Monday on her Instagram. The “Bones” singer plans to vote for “Democrats down the ticket” in Tennessee.


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“Coming from a Southern family with a conservative background, throughout my childhood I was always taught to treat people with respect and dignity, no matter their race, their religion, their sexual orientation and, yes, even their political party,” Morris said. “But like a lot of us, I’ve been in perpetual shock watching what’s happened to our country these last few years.” (RELATED: Jennifer Lawrence Revealed She Voted Republican Until Trump ‘Changed Everything’)

“We’ve been divided and pitted against one another,” she continued. “We’ve seen the forces of hatred not just reserved for the awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversation with a crazy relative once a year, but out in the open, encouraged and supported by the President of the United States.”

Morris then spoke directly about voting President Donald Trump out of office.

“It’s time we tell someone that he’s fired,” Morris said.

“Let’s elect a president and vice-president who believe in the best of what America can be, and who will work every day to ensure that we, once again, stand united — because divided we fall,” she added.