‘Absolutely Disgusting’: Tony Bobulinski Says He Couldn’t Allow His Family To Be Tied To Russian Disinformation

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tony Bobulinski said Tuesday that he ultimately came forward because he could not allow his family name to be tied to Russian disinformation.

Bobulinski, who was a business associate of Hunter Biden, gave an in-depth interview Tuesday with Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson. He explained that he was only doing so because of the way Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and others had suggested that the Kremlin was responsible for pushing recent stories about Hunter Biden’s international business dealings — a move that tied Bobulinski’s name to what they were calling a Russian disinformation campaign. (RELATED: FBI Meeting With Former Biden Family Business Partner, Senator Says)


Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff suggested that Russia was behind the revelation of a series of emails reportedly tying Hunter Biden to several international business dealings, and Bobulinski claimed that constituted a smear against him and his family name, since he had also been involved in the business.

“I held a top-secret clearance from the NSA and the DOE. I served this country for four years in one of the most elite environments in the world, the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, and to have a congressmen out there speaking about Russian disinformation or Joe Biden at a public debate referencing Russian disinformation when he knows he sat face-to-face with me, I traveled around the world with his son and his brother. To say that and associate that with my name is absolutely disgusting to me,” he explained.

Bobulinski went on to say that he had reached out and demanded that Schiff retract his statement and that the Bidens tell the truth — and if they refused to do so, he said he intended to go public with the information he had. When they did not, Bobulinski turned over a number of documents and devices to the FBI, saying that they would prove that the former vice president was fully aware of everything that his son was doing — despite Biden’s claims to the contrary.

“Publicly accusing me of treason, treating me like I’m insignificant for the 50 years of history that my family served this country is insignificant and that’s why am sitting here. I assure you this is the last place I want to be right now and the last thing I want to be doing right now, but I feel like it’s a patriotic duty to this country and every American citizen to go on record and define the facts for them,” Bobulinski continued.

He then argued that the Bidens could simply have denied the story, but the fact that they tried to make it about Russian disinformation was the reason he felt that he had to come forward.

“I was hoping the Bidens would do the right thing or [Schiff] would retract his statement but I could not allow another minute or hour or day of my family’s name to be associated or muddied up around Russian disinformation so even as I sit here today, I would ask them to go on record and stop using my name or associating it with Russian disinformation. It’s disgusting,” he said again.

Bobulinski said again that he had no intention of making a political statement, saying that all he wanted was for the Bidens to go on record and stop muddying his family name with claims of ties to Russian disinformation.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe issued a statement saying that there is no indication that the emails allegedly tied to Hunter Biden are the product of Russian disinformation. Investigations thus far have also not tied the Biden family to any illegal activity.