‘A Fart In A Dust Storm’: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Jared Kushner Over Comments On The Black Community

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg lashed out Tuesday at White House adviser Jared Kushner, saying that his comments about the black community amounted to “a fart in a dust storm.”

Goldberg began a segment of ABC’s “The View” by playing a clip of Kushner talking about what President Donald Trump’s administration had done for the black community. (RELATED: ‘Why Would She Tell Them Anything?’: Whoopi Goldberg Runs Defense For Kamala Harris’ Debate Night Dodges)


Kushner, during a Monday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends,” talked about the administration’s cooperation with Ice Cube and what had already been done in terms of creating Opportunity Zones and pushing criminal justice reform through the First Step Act.

“One thing that we have seen in a lot of the black community, which is mostly Democrat, is that President Trump’s policies are the policies that can help people break out of the problems that they’re complaining about but he can’t want them to be successful more than that they want to be successful,” Kushner explained.

“What you’re seeing is a ground-swell of support in the community because they are realizing all the different bad things media said about President Trump is not true,” Kushner continued, saying that people were lining up to work with Trump because even though he often didn’t say the right things, he was doing the right things for them and for their communities.

Goldberg then discussed the clip with her cohosts, including guest host Bari Weiss, who called the comments “tone-deaf.”


Weiss said that her first thought after seeing the clip was to question whether or not the Trump campaign actually wanted to win — but then she pivoted to address a recent CNN appearance from “The Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne Tha God.

“He talked about how, you know, Trump is successfully courting, not older black voters, who are reliably Democrat, but younger black voters,” Weiss said, saying that she had seen indications that support for Trump had doubled since 2016 among black voters aged 18-44.

Sunny Hostin, who accused Kushner of pushing racist tropes, made it clear that she did not believe the numbers were accurate. “I don’t think Trump has 21% of black voters. I’d like to see that poll. Who are those 21% of black people?” she asked.

Goldberg weighed in then, saying that if Kushner wanted the black community to stop complaining, the administration should do something about the reason they were complaining.

“You want people to stop saying, ‘Hey, stop shooting us,’ then stop shooting us. You want to understand what’s going on into the black community, ask the white folks that are marching with all these Black Lives Matter kids. Cause they’re saying, ‘We get it. Why don’t you?’ It’s a whole thing,” Goldberg concluded. “You know, so, when you talk about what you’re going to do for the black community, don’t tell me you’re going to pass this law or that law because you had an opportunity to do that. What I want you to do is I want you to address the issues. If you address the issues, then I’ll have some faith. When you do this, this is like a fart in the dust storm. It’s gone.”