Report: Brawl Breaks Out On Spirit Airlines As Woman Who Refused To Wear A Mask Tased By Cops

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot/David Begnaud)

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A brawl reportedly broke out on a Spirit Airlines flight to Puerto Rico after a woman was tased by police.

The woman who was tased by the police had refused to wear a face mask on the flight from New Jersey on Sunday, according to CBS reporter David Begnaud.


“Caught on Camera: A fight over whether or not to wear a mask onboard a Spirit Airlines plane that had just arrived in Puerto Rico led to a woman – who police say was the aggressor – being tased by police who are considering filing charges,” Begnaud said on Twitter. (RELATED: Woman Incorrectly Wearing Face Mask Throws Punches At Delta Flight Attendant)

The woman, identified by Begnaud as Nyasy Veronique Payne, “provoked an incident by acting in what witnesses called an agressive, hostile, & defiant behavior.” Police claimed Payne hit fellow flight passenger Javier Lopez Cruz, Begnaud reported.

Passengers on the plane claimed that Payne was hit by a man before she threw punches, according to Begnaud.

One man and three women reportedly refused to wear face masks on the flight and did not listen to flight attendants’ requests to remain seated, according to a passenger identified by Begnaud as Alfredo.

“Once on the ground, Alfredo says 3 men began yelling homophobic & racial slurs at the 3 women who are black,” Begnaud reported. “1 man, Alfredo says, hit one of the women, who then started punching. That’s the woman who’s seen on video throwing punches when the police make their way into the plane.”

Payne was reportedly arrested.