Charge Your Apple Watch On-the-Go With Wireless Charging Keychain, Now Just $20

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From your iPhone to your iPad to your Apple Watch, it feels like you always have something charging. While these devices help you lead a mobile lifestyle, having to lug around chargers and cords really starts to weigh you down after a while.

If you’re looking to simplify your on-the-go ways, employing this Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain into your routine is a great first step. Never requiring any wires or outlets, this pocket-sized gadget boasts a  microcomputer electronic system that provides your Apple Watch with a wireless charge, no matter where you are.

Using this little wireless charger couldn’t be easier. Simply attach your Apple Watch to the device, and thanks to its strong magnetic adsorption, you can comfortably adjust the way it sits without disrupting any electric flow. And with its four built-in LED lights, you’ll know its charging status within seconds. While the charger may look teeny tiny, it boasts a 950mAh lithium-ion battery, allowing it to juice up any Apple Watch it comes into contact with.

The Apple Watch Wireless Charger is designed to latch onto your keys for incredibly easy access. But you can also loop it onto the zipper of a purse or backpack — or just slip it into your pocket. This dynamic portability makes it ideal for hiking excursions, camping trips, or general emergency charging when you’re far away from an outlet.

Still not sure this little guy has what it takes to juice up your Apple Watch without the cables you’re used to? After reading the awesome reviews people have been leaving about this thing online, you may change your mind.

“He charges very quickly and enables you a full charge from the battery. You can recharge it usually within two hours. Great back up device to keep your watch going.” – Thomas M.

“Perfect when traveling, or when not around your watch charger, or when you are not around any power source. Love it!” – Terry B.
“This was a great idea to attach to my purse and be able to charge my Apple Watch on the go! When at home, it becomes another area to charge my watch! Love it!” – Melanie C.
Snag your own Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain for just $19.99, over half-off its regular price.
Price subject to change.
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