‘I Was Out Of My Tree’: Chelsea Handler Admits Trump Hate Led To Assaulting Conservatives In Airports


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian Chelsea Handler admitted Wednesday that her hatred for President Donald Trump got to be so extreme that she assaulted conservatives in airports.

Handler discussed just how bad things got — before she eventually ended up in therapy — on a segment of ABC’s “The View.”


Joy Behar began by saying that she herself had spent some time in therapy, turning the question to Handler. “I’m curious, how specifically did therapy help you to deal with your rage against Trump?” she asked. “Because I could use a few tips.” (RELATED: ‘He Provided A Public Service’: Joy Behar Thanks Jeffrey Toobin For Distracting From Trump)

“Oh my God. I used to, I would walk into the airports, I’d go to the first class lounge, check in, then run over to the Fox News section and start assaulting people,” Handler replied, saying that she would run in and call people racists and then run right back out.

“Then I’d run back in and go, ‘Do you want your daughter to have rights, because she won’t?’ and then I’d run out,” Handler continued. “Then I’d run back into the Fox News section and I would go, ‘Are you still a racist?’ I mean, I was out of my tree, and my level of outrage was just not — I couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Handler went on to say that her goal in going to therapy in 2016 was to “learn how to talk to Trump supporters” because she felt that her anger was preventing her from having productive conversations.  “Now, Trump supporters, I don’t have anything to say to them anymore at this juncture,” she added.

Handler concluded that her therapy had been helpful in part because it brought her to the realization that, while she did hate Donald Trump, what she was angry about was a childhood experience that she had not dealt with.