Post-Game Stat Correction Takes $1M Betting Prize From Sports Gambler

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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A sack being turned into a tackle in the fourth quarter of Monday’s Rams v. Bears game left a bettor without a million dollar prize.

Rob Huntze had believed he had won $1 million before realizing a sack had been taken away from the Chicago Bears, according to ESPN. Huntze’s payout ended up dropping to $3,078.94, the outlet reported.

“Heartbreaking on many levels,” Huntze told ESPN. (RELATED: REPORT: $2 Billion Could Be Spent On Sports Gambling In Colorado)

The NFL claimed plays of this kind can be “routinely discussed,” especially at the end of the game.

“Plays such as this one are routinely discussed by the Stats Crew and updated accordingly,” NFL Senior Vice President of Football and International Communications Michael Signora told ESPN. “In this instance, because the play happened so close to the end of the game, it was reviewed by the Stats Crew and then updated prior to publishing the Game Summary, commonly referred to as the Game Book.”

What an absolute nightmare. I would freak out if I thought I had won $1 million, so it would suck to find out you hadn’t won it at all. Then to also realize it probably should have been considered a sack, but the NFL just decided it wasn’t. Heartbreaking for Huntze.

Five other entries ended up splitting the $1 million prize, ESPN reported.