City Of Stafford To Elect New Mayor After 50 Years

(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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The city of Stafford, Texas, has not elected a new mayor in 50 years and now has four candidates vying to fill the now-empty position, according to ABC13 News.

The empty mayoral seat once belonged to that of Leonard Scarcella, who is notably known as the “longest-serving mayor of the nation.” Mayor Scarcella passed away in June. (RELATED: Election Experts Warn Voters To Stop Sending In Ballots, Vote In Person Amidst USPS Delays)

“We’ve had several races but it was always a landslide for the old mayor, and this an opportunity for the doors to open for the future,” Mayor pro tempore and one of the candidates, Wen Guerra explained to ABC13.

“There’s four of us, so right off the top, there’s a 25% chance,” another candidate, Cecil Willis explained. “But I feel good, people of Stafford know me and I know Stafford, so I feel good.”

“It’s a great opportunity, we’ve been able to do great things. One thing I like to point out, our previous mayor started when he was 29, I’m 34,” another of this year’s candidates, Jim Narvios, explained to ABC13.

The city of Stafford called for a special election in July in order to fill the empty mayoral seat according to the Fort Bend Independent.

Stafford has no property taxes, a policy that each of the four candidates intends to keep, according to ABC13.