Hidden Camera Catches Colorado Man Abusing Roommate’s Dog

(FOX 31, KDVR/Screenshot/Video)

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Gregory Burrell, 31, was filmed via hidden camera breaking into the bedroom of a woman with whom he shared an apartment and beating her pet dog in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Burrell faces one felony count of burglary and one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty for the crimes he was filmed committing on February 3 of this year, according to KDVR, a local Fox affiliate.

Footage shows Burrell entering his roommate’s bedroom before beating her dog. The dog can be heard whimpering and crying out in pain as Burrell chokes it by its collar, slams it into the wall, and kicks it. 

When local reporters asked why Burrell had been seen on camera abusing the dog, Burrell said “Why don’t you ask the dog owner?” and insisted that his female roommate owed him money. 

Burrell is currently free on bond and faces up to a year in county jail if convicted of the animal cruelty misdemeanor, per Metro UK. He could face up to 16 years in prison if he is convicted on the felony burglary charge. (RELATED: Trump Signs Bill That Makes Extreme Animal Cruelty A Felony)

Bruce Brown, the District Attorney for Colorado’s 5th Judicial District, said, “We’re lucky that we had a video to indicate what actually happened otherwise this crime may have never been discovered,” per KDVR.

Burrell has yet to enter either a guilty or not guilty plea and is expected to be back in court on Nov. 9. 

The dog’s owner says that it has made a full recovery.