‘I’m A Bed-Wetter’: Juan Williams Admits He’s Worried About Election Outcome

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor Juan Williams said Wednesday that he was worried about the outcome of the presidential election.

Williams admitted that the race between incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was making him nervous, saying, “I’m a bed-wetter” — a phrase he said he had borrowed from cohost Dana Perino. (RELATED: ‘They Didn’t Get It’: Dagen McDowell Says Networks Were Hoping Democrats Would Attack Amy Coney Barrett)


Cohost Jesse Watters began with a breakdown of the most recent polls in hotly-contested swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, both of which voted Trump in 2016, and said that he wasn’t sure they were painting an accurate picture of the state of the race.

The current RealClear Politics polling average has Biden up 3.8 points in Pennsylvania and up 7.5 points nationally over Trump.

“Juan Williams, I think you would agree that the race is a little closer than the polls would suggest, don’t you?” Watters asked.

“Yeah, I mean, you know, again, a bed-wetter to use Dana’s language, I am worried and I think everybody needs to get — keep their foot on the pedal,” Williams replied. “You can see from my sticker today, Jesse, I was out there, stood in line for two hours to vote.”

Williams went on to note that President Trump was campaigning in Arizona while Biden was in his home state of Delaware after a recent campaign event in Georgia.

“I think the fact of what you just described earlier seems to me is more telling than any words or any poll, no matter if the poll is an outlier, I think it’s very telling that President Trump is in Arizona for two rallies, Joe Biden was in Georgia and Delaware, I think it tells you who is on offense and who is expanding the map —” Williams explained.

“Offense in Delaware?” Watters laughed.

“Delaware is right there next to Pennsylvania and Delaware —” Williams pushed back.

“Because Nevada is right next to Arizona,” Watters laughed.

Williams went on to say again that polling generally looked good for Biden, “But as I say, you got to stay strong.”